It took many years of experimenting before I found my present style of painting. Initially, I spent my learning process by studying composition where I finally found color as my strength.

I can feel mystery in color. I can see a million varieties of red, green, violet, and every color in my oil color box.  I mix up 5 vermillion reds from 5 oil color brands, then I put a little of Purple Red and a few of Scarlett Red, then I lend claim to a new kind of red color.

"I sometimes feel eerie to an unpredictable surprise when finding the proper green or red to my canvas. It”s really like a long, winding and tiring journey to discover a proper color."  
Flowers,people and landscapes are generally the tools that I focuses on.
They seem to hold the key that opens my box of colors.
I use many flowers, because flowers are the best tools of nature to introduce color to humans. I also use humans because they bring a lot mystery into this world and landscape because there is mystery in what we can see from far away."

"My color must be put in the right place. I mean that's not a matter of color composition, but the packaging of every single color and mode. It must be impression of lines, real or hidden, which wander about watching out surrounding my colors. Then the colors meet it's pair and marry each other in harmony. Finally, the soul of color, which has been waited for so long, is born. This soul will tell you a lot about my discovery to colors."