Betty was born in Banten,west Java,

Indonesia on 16 May 1963.

As a teenager in high school Betty became interested in art and found a particular niche and love for oil painting.

In 1982, After high school, Betty took private lessons from an Indonesian actor, painter, and camera man named Budi Schwarzkrone.  Betty also become his assistant for camera woman.


In 1984 Betty continued to pursue a career in art through Cinematography.

She studied  cinematography in Jakarta, Indonesia, and then worked for six years as a character make up artist and art director for the film industry in Indonesia.  Although Betty enjoyed and excelled in cinematography, in 1993 her love for oil painting took center stage.

Betty moved to Germany where she nurtured and further developed her unique artistic blend of colors within an impressionistic style of oil painting.

In 1996 Betty moved back to Indonesia and again took private lessons from an Indonesian artist Dadang MA.  During that period of time Betty had exhibitions in Indonesia and throughout Asia.

Today, Betty’s art is easily recognizable by her uncanny ability to blend an unusual mix of colors resulting in a sensual cornucopia of colors. 

Betty moved to the USA with her husband and Betty exhibited her art in Northern Virginia and the Washington DC / Metro Area. 

One of her more significant exhibitions occurred with the Indonesian Embassy in Washington D.C.  During an exhibition of Batik Collections, for President Obama’s Mother, Dr.Stanley Ann Dunham,

Betty painted two pictures for Maya Kassandra Soetoro.ng.  Maya is the daughter of Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham as well as the sister of President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The paintings were of Maya Soetoro.ng as well as of Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham, Barrack Obama's mother.